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We get it. Financial planning can be difficult.

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Financial planning should not be complicated and intimidating. At Joubert & Co we use a step by step process that helps you to gain financial knowledge, make smarter decisions and achieve your goals.

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How We Can Help You

Retirement Planning

We partner with you to help you achieve your financial goals, live your best life possible and have the retirement that you deserve.

Employee Benefits

We partner with small to medium size businesses and help them to put in place retirement savings and employee benefits, so you can attract and also keep the quality employees you need to be successful and grow your business.

What our clients say about us

Joubert & Co went to a lot of effort to find the right investments for me. They explained everything so I knew exactly what I would be paying, what the risks were ect. Joubert & Co also continue to follow-up with me and notify me of new investment opportunities. I recommend Joubert & Co for any investment advice

Pierre Herschensohn
As a client of Joubert & Co, I highly recommend their services. They articulated to me the kind of investment that is suitable for me, in a way that I could understand. They are attentive and meet their clients needs without fail. Always eager to help and answer any questions. They are great at what they do.
Precious Mzwakali
If you're looking for someone that will put the best possible options on the table for you while not pressuring you to lean towards any single one, Chad Joubert is your guy!
David Mendes

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3 Steps To Smarter Financial Advice

1. Introduction & Planning

Request a call back - tell us more about you and your goals - let us do a complementary financial analysis for you and present your personally tailored plan to you.

2. Put the Plan Into Action

We help you to implement your own personally tailored retirement plan.

3. Monitor and Adjust

We help you to regularly review and adjust your financial plan and investments, we help you to understand and make informed financial decisions on an ongoing basis.

The Joubert and Co Difference

Partnership not dictatorship

We believe in partnering with our clients, in working toward each others mutual goals and benefits, we are there to support and assist you and help you to attract and retain the best staff.

Understanding and knowledge

We want to empower our clients so they can grow their knowledge and understanding around retirement savings, employee benefits and business insurance and personal financial planning.


We see people, their families and their everyday struggles and concerns and we want to help them.

Networks and relationships

We believe in adding value. We are not only there for financial planning but to support you with our network partners through BNI - Business Network International.

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